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Proofreading and Editing are two different mutually exclusive functions in the publishing process. As an author it is important to understand the differences and the levels that are available. Understand also that rarely will you find a single person who is good at both jobs and if anyone tells you that they do both at the same time move on!

Proofreading involves checking for typos, spelling errors, capitalization and punctuation issues. At the very least an author needs to hire an experienced proofreader before their book goes to print.

Editing is a more involved task and has varied levels. Depending on the need an editor will check for plot development, character consistency, theme, chapter/story mood, etc. The editor may also be hired to revise the manuscript moving or even rewriting portions.

Standard Editing – Standard Editing involves correcting mistakes of grammar and vocabulary, along with spelling and typos.

Substantive Editing – With Substantive Editing refines the style, syntax and logic through consolidation or simple re-writing where necessary. Grammar, vocabulary, spelling and typos will be corrected and your manuscript will be polished.

Developmental Editing – You may have a great idea but need help with plot and character development, story flow and dialogue refinement. Developmental Editing helps with these issues as well as research, identifies gaps in content and available options for author revisions.

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