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True Self Publishing rests the entire process of getting a book to market on the author. This means that all editing and story development corrections are done by the author or by someone he selects; the interior of the book is formatted and the cover is designed by the author or someone of his choosing; an ISBN is purchased, a printer is chosen and distribution channels are assigned as well. This can be time consuming and costly for those who are inexperienced. That’s why authors hire editors, designers and publishers.

Self Publishing also means that an author has more control over each area in the publishing process. An author may choose to hire a proofreader from one source and Comprehensive Editing from another and a cover designer from yet another. In today’s publishing world ISBNs may be purchased individually from Bowker or a number of other publishers who buy in bulk. And, getting a book to market through’s Creatspace, Lulu or a number of other companies is much easier than even a decade ago.

Please research anyone, Subsidy Publisher, Self Publishing, Traditional Publisher, Editor, Graphic Artist, etc. before spending your money or time with them.

If you are interested in Self Publishing we can help in all aspects of getting your book in print. Bottom of the Hill buys ISBNs in bulk so instead of a single number costing you $100 we offer them for far less. We also have editors and designers available to help with a complete theme development or final read through. Our marketing partners can even help you with website development, social marketing and building your platform.

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