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Bottom of the Hill is a New Era Publisher to an extent following a traditional publishing model (Trade Publisher or Commercial Publisher) contracting with an author for the rights to their book for a period of time. We thoroughly edit each book making sure of character and location consistency, story flow grammar, punctuation, etc. We format the interior and design the cover often using original artwork. These are the areas we have found authors most need assistance with, they are writers…storytellers, not graphic designers, editors or negotiators.

Dramatic changes in publishing over the past decade have eased entry into a traditionally closed world. Today there is little need to endure rejection after rejection while working to have your book published. You can simply publish it yourself. However, this ease of entry has meant a deluge of poorly edited and designed works coming to market. You don’t want to be included with these. Whether you find a home with Bottom of the Hill or some other publisher be diligent in your editing and design.

Publishing Options

Traditional Publishing model with Bottom of the Hill

Traditional Publishing

Authors are paid royalties monthly based on profits from sales through distribution channels (Ingram Content Group). Books are available to the author at a discounted rate in amounts ranging form single copies to multiple cartons.

Self Publishing model with Bottom of the Hill

Self Publishing

Self Publishing has never been easier and each year we are seeing more points of entry emerge. That means more books by more authors coming onto the market. If you are interested in publishing your books we can help with ISBNs, editing, proofing and even marketing.

Subsidy Publishing model with Bottom of the Hill

Subsidy Publishing

Subsidy Publishing or Vanity Publishing is form of publishing where the author pays a set fee to have his book published. The publishing package may include very little or a complete edit/design and more depending on the publishing company. More often what is included is based of the package price and that price is hefty.

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