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We have recognized that authors tend to own established platforms (networks) and can effectively and efficiently reach readers. For this reason Bottom of the Hill has not been involved in marketing books. Our higher than standard royalty offers the opportunity for the author to invest in their products or pocket the extra earnings. In 2015 we began a relationship with White Dog Media, a marketing and advertising company that not only understands online, social and other marketing avenues but are writers as well.

If you need a new web site or to have yours refreshed, if you need help developing your social presence so it brings new readers, if you need online advertising or posters made White Dog Media can help.

Very often authors have a large group of friends and followers in social media or visiting their site but do not recognize their value from a marketing perspective. It is the job of the marketing company to grow your platform and monetize it in a mutual beneficial and engaging way.

Your web site should not be only attractive it must be a tool to build followers and fans who buy your books. If your web site and your social presence are pretty and fun but not audience builders they are being underutilized.

Want to know more about how you may be able to increase book sales? use the form below and send WDM a note.

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