If you are interested in any of our services, bulk orders of our books or have a question contact us at info@bottomofthehillpublishing.com.


Simply fill our the form to the left.

We welcome submissions however, our selection process for traditional published authors is stringent due to the great number of authors wishing to be published and the upfront costs involved from the publishers end.

If you are interested in self publishing or subsidy publishing our services are slightly more available.

If you have a manuscript and would like to submit it for review send a word or pdf document to submission@bottomofthehillpublishing.com.

Our Marketing Partners are super at web site design & development, social marketing and ways of building a platform. Because many of them are authors on the side they understand the needs and pitfalls you face. If you are interested in talking to someone about marketing your books or just developing a website let us know marketing@bottomofthehillpublishing.com.

If you are with a book store, university, church or other organization and interested in bulk orders you may contact your rep at Ingram or your distributor. If you do not have a relationship with Ingram directly or a distributor or would like to request working directly feel free to contact us at sales@bottomofthehillpublishing.com.

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