Bottom of the Hill offers various publishing options for today’s authors.

We can Help with Marketing

Our marketing partners understand your needs, they are writers as well as experts in marketing. Let them help you develop your website show you how to build an audience.

Need a Set of Eyes?

Plan to Self Publish and just need editing, proofing or an ISBN? We can help.

Bottom of the Hill Publishing is a small quietly growing publisher of print and ebooks. While our past focus has been on a very select group of authors and quality classics we are in the process of expanding out services to include author services, self-publishing assistance and marketing.

Bottom of the Hill Publishing Services


Authors who are looking for a publisher that will respect their creative abilities and works will find a home at Bottom of the Hill. We offer various Publishing options for today’s writers. Whether you prefer to self publish or would like a traditional publisher we may be able to help. We freely discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each, even subsidy publishing.

Bottom of the Hill Editing Services

Editing Services

Bottom of the Hill offers an attractive selection of  Proofreading and Editing Services. In most case authors simply need a new set of eyes to proof their work, other times rewriting or deep editing is requested. In either case the team at Bottom of the Hill can assist. Scheduling enough time is essential, contact us to find out when editors are available.

Bottom of the Hill author marketing services

Marketing Services

A beagle with its nose to the ground searches back and forth and in circles chasing a meaningful scent, that’s the experience of far too many authors today, spending valuable time searching for a meaningful scent in today’s world of marketing. Once that beagle finds his scent he races with purpose. Let the Bottom of the Hill marketing partners help put you on a meaningful scent so you can spend more time writing and selling.

Advancements within the publishing industry over the past decade have made it easier for authors to have their works make it to market. Online retail has made it economical for booksellers to carry more titles by more authors. This is fortunate in that the number of writers who are now able to get their hard work in front of readers has skyrocketed. But as the barrier to entry is lowered the quality of work follows.

The same is true with publishers. POD (Print on Demand) has allowed writers and publishers alike to produce works without the expense of large print runs or storage. Unfortunately it opened the door for less ethical people to prey on authors with dreams of making it big. Subsidy or Vanity publishers often charge $500 or more to simply ‘publish’ a single work for a hopeful writer offering little more than and ISBN and POD contract. Any editing, formatting or design work brings more charges. There is a place for Subsidy Publishing but with full disclosure to the author of the likely return on his investment.

As we expand services offered we do so with caution. It is our desire to offer exceptional experiences to authors, readers and employees. We understand that writers, for the most part, write out of passion and desire to be published in order to share their works. We understand that many, if not most, are not wealthy and a $299 ebook conversion charge brings widened eyes and gasp. We do it for less.

If you are interested in a publisher, looking for help self-publishing or need editing services feel free to contact us. If you simply need an ISBN and would prefer not to spend over $100 for one we can help. Or if you simply have a question about writing or publishing feel free to drop us a line.

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